Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Time to go home

One of the feral dogs that has become an eager 'friend' every time we work outside at Salehabad has found a spot out of the rain, wind and snow - for the moment. We haven't the heart to tell her - but this car is scheduled for a burn in the new year. I get the feeling that she is hinting that if we would just get in and start it ...

Anyhow, we are all packed and ready to leave for the airport at 02.30 in the morning. The flight is at 06.35 but we need to be there at 04.00 and its an hours drive if the conditions, traffic-wise, permit. So we're leaving nothing to chance. Especially after having had the journey from hell this morning. We left at our usual time, no problem there, but two days ago a tunnel collapsed in central Tehran - there's no information on the news about it, but its closed a lot of streets. That has pushed all the traffic otwards onto already busy expressways and streets.

The result, this morning, was gridlock around Azadi Square after a truck and trailer overturned....

It took two and a half hours to complete our journey to work, normally 55 minutes, and even then we were, at one point, travelling west away from work in order to get to the motorway that by-passes Tehran completely. Neither of us will be sorry to get home tomorrow. Now, the only question is - are my bags overweight?

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