Friday, 24 May 2013

A Battle for Cultural Supremacy

I have been following the reports of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby with interest, concern and, yes, some anger.  I have seen comments ranging from crude through to inflammatory appended to some online news pages, and a large number expressing horror and disgust. I can only salute the bravery of the two women, one confronting the murderers, the other remaining by the dead soldier 'so he would not die alone'.

The Muslim Council of Britain has issued a rather bland, and not entirely accurate, statement distancing themselves from this act, and so have one or two other Muslim spokespersons. Both have failed to distance themselves from the militant groups from their faith who have marched demanding the surrender of Britain's state to their culturl ideology and their religious law. Both have failed to stop the incitement preached by the likes of Abu Qatada in many mosques in our land at Friday paryers. And both fail to admit that the Quran contains over 400 passages urging the killing of 'Kafirs' or non-believers, and many more urging 'Holy War' to defend and spread their faith. Or that there are several groups using their faith as an excuse to attack us in our own land.

Our own politicians seem to have made a mixed response, though, in part, this is to be expected. One the one hand they have to avoid inflaming an already dangerous state of affairs, yet, on the other, people expect firm leadership and strong action at a time like this.

A large part of the problem is that we have, in the last twenty years, lost our sense of cultural identity, though the process started almost immediately post-WW2. Our heritage has been denigrated from all sides, our Imperial past is now universally painted as 'evil', as being based entirely on slavery and exploitation of 'the masses', and as bringing no benefit to anyone. Views usually put forward by the descendents of those who benefited most from these aspects. It has spread 'at home' as well, with the fostering, yet again in our history, of the ancient 'tribal' divisions. That seeks to deny any form of common heritage, or that we all owe our present standards of living, our health and even our welfare system to the culture of shared effort against oppression and tyrany, of building a nation around our concepts of freedom of speech, association and action.

We succeeded in raising living standards and quality of life for the majority of our citizens and became the envy of those whose own societies and cultures could not provide the same. But, what has always struck me as strange is that there is a large and fairly powerful minority in Britain who feel that every culture is superior to our own, that our heritage must be destroyed and replaced by others drawn from parts of the former Empire that are the very opposite of everything our forebears fought for or struggled to achieve for their heirs and successors. This 'fostering' of alternate cultures has created an environment within our island that encourages those who seek to destroy everything "British" and replace it with the very worst of the cultures their parents and grandparents sought to escape.

This is what has led to the present situation where we have an enemy embedded within our own borders. An enemy that is British by birth, repudiates everything of our heritage, our values, and our culture, and commits acts of pure barbarism in the name of their 'cause'. The worst aspect is that our political leaders permit it, even encourage it, by refusing to deal with the establishment of an alternative legal system and an alternative to our courts in our towns and cities.

Those of us who have lived in Africa have seen or known acts as repugnant as that which played out in Woolwich this week. Our Armed Forces have struggled against similarly barbaric 'rebels' in various failed states in Africa and elsewhere. They know, as I suspect do our politicians, that such things are a part of those 'cultures' when the veneer of law and order breaks down.

Unlike many of those who wish to see the importation of other cultural practices and the relegation of the English to a status of 'irrelevance', I have travelled in Africa, in the Middle and Far East and in the Americas. I can appreciate and even admire the cultural achievements of Iran, or of Thailand and Indonesia. I have many friends in Ghana among other African states, and in the Caribbean, the US and even Canada. While I admire the art, the architecture and the history of Iran, I would not, and do not, choose to live in a society modelled on theirs. Nor would I choose to live in an African cultural society, though there are aspects I admire. Likewise for China, Indonesia and the rest of Asia.

Culturally I am a "British North European". My heritage is entirely British/European, my moral code is based on Christianity, and the history of the peoples whose genes I carry is the 'lore' in which I am steeped. I recognise that we are no better and probably no worse than any other society or culture, but it is my culture. It is my heritage and the others, however admirable I may find some aspects, are alien. If I wish to live in a society founded on them - I should go to a country built on such ideals. That is, I believe, where the apartheid idea of each ethnic group importing, nurturing and continuing to practice their 'native' culture in a host nation is deeply and fatally flawed. That, I believe, is what has created the monster which produces the sort of vile act we have witnessed this week in Woolwich.

It is time for a major shift in the political thinking in Britain. We cannot afford to continue to encourage groups to reject our culture and impose their own. To continue down this road will only increase the tensions and make even worse atrocities more likely, not less. All our politicians need to stop denigrating everything British and praising everything alien. More importantly, they need to restore the education system so that it presents a more balanced picture of our rich and very complex cultural and social history instead of the biased mishmash that is currently taught.

Whether we know it or not, we are fighting a war for the survival of our culture. I do not support the actions of the likes of the EDL, the Anti-Fascist League, the BNP or any of the other extremes. Britain has a culture that was always 'tolerant', sometimes too tolerant, and sometimes not tolerant enough. Now we face an enemy within who wish to replace it with an intolerant one with its roots in the 7th Century and a different religion. Unless we are careful, they will win by default, because our politicians will continue to pursue policies of appeasement right to the point that they are themselves replaced.

It is a difficult problem, but it will not be solved by simply turning a blind eye or making more concessions to those who seek to impose their visions on us.


  1. Well said, Monk. I agree that this situation is entirely the making of the political class and their allies. Years of self-loathing liberal leftism and political correctness has manifested itself in the horrific scenario of one of our soldiers murdered brutally in public. They have invited the enemy into our homeland. We reap what they have sown. It is also apparent that successive governments have signed up to various treaties and agreements, and have passed such laws as to make it almost impossible to solve the 'problem'. I despise their hand-wringing and weasel words as they try to minimise the problem. What is needed is to send a clear and unambiguous message to the preachers of hate and their disciples. Deportations and lengthy gaol sentences for starters. And stop turning a blind eye to those preachers of hate, or the gangs or sick perverts who prey on vulnerable youths. I think that the 'religion of peace' requires an urgent Reformation. Of course, in a free and liberal society, we must take into account a variety of beliefs and cultural differences; however, both political correctness and the doctrine of multiculturalism have led us to this sorry state of affairs. We are at war, and unless the rot is stopped, we are all doomed. How sad that Western civilisation has such a death wish. In order to stop it, we must rid ourselves of the current politicians and 'leaders'. But how?

    Slim Jim

  2. Slim Jim says:
    It was interesting to note Simon Heffer's comments in his Daily Mail column on Saturday. In it, he advocated that the two lunatics accused of Lee Rigby's murder should be charged with treason. His case centred on what was said and seen by all on television by one of the murderers. From Wikipedia:

    'Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]." In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavour.'

    This would send out a clear and unambiguous message to those who would harm us, and possibly be a deterrent, especially if the ultimate sanction were carried out...somehow, I don't see our current bunch of Big Girl's Blouses going anywhere near that. And of course, there will be a huge queue of lawyers jostling for position to defend their rights - ours can go hang! The appeasement of radical Islam will probably continue unabated. Any measures the current government will take is surely a case of bolting the stable door...