Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Lie that Keeps Returning ...

It is interesting to see that the so-called 'Blood Libels', originally invented by the Tsarist Secret Ploice to justify the Pogroms against Jewish communities in the 19th Century, are 'enjoying' a rerun thanks to Arab language and Islamic fundamentalist newspapers and preachers. The Egyptian newspaper "Misrelgdida" has recently published a series of articles claiming that Christian and Muslim neighbours of Jews live in fear of being killed so "the Jews" can drink their blood as part of the Passover rituals. There is a much longer article online in "The Commentator" about this, which is worth reading. The origin of these myths is to be found in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", a book created by the Tsar's Secret Police in the 1880s and since reproduced by every anti-semitic group going, most famously, of course, by Hitler's Nazi henchmen, but Stalin also used it and circulated it and so did certain other political groups, of which certain Islamic scholars are just the latest subscribers.

Interestingly Egypt has a law against 'insulting faith' which is supposed to prevent the utterance of insulting untruths about any faith practiced in that land. Jews, of course, have long since been persona non grata and presumably their faith is not covered, but there is at least one Muslim 'scholar' who regularly appears on State television, and gets away with liberally misrepresenting the Christian Eucharist. Frankly, having read some of his 'teaching' on the subject of 'Christianity' and the 'cannabalism of the Eucharist', it isn't just insulting, it is deliberately provocative. Under UK law he could be prosecuted (but probably wouldn't be) for 'inciting religious hatred.' It appears that, in Egypt, only someone saying something a Muslim finds offensive, would be prosecuted. Sadly this is the case through most of the Muslim world, despite many protestations to the contrary. Pakistan's "Blasphemy" law is regularly used to persecute Christian communities and to dispossess them of land, property and even life itself.

What worries me more than anything else about this is the absolute silence from all western governments about this. It appears that, rather than confront this ongoing evil, they would rather not 'upset the Muslims' - usually with the excuse, when they are forced to acknowledge it, that they 'can't interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.' Maybe we can't, but we can certainly make a public fuss about it and make it very, very clear, that the perpetration of the Blood Libels and the abuse of the rights of those who do not follow the Muslim faith is not acceptable under any circumstances.

I suspect though, that many of our current crop of wishy-washy governments in the west are quite happy to allow this to continue, since it feeds into two current political ideologies. The first is to maintain the fiction that the Jews have 'stolen' Palestine, meaning the whole of the land called Israel. There is even a book now in print and being taught that denies there ever was a 'Jewish presence' in "Palestine" and that Jerusalem was never Jewish. The second has to do with the desire to marginalise religion in society. It serves the secularist agenda very well to be able to point to situations like the Egyptian and Middle Eastern persecution of Christians and Jews as an example of how "all wars are caused by religion."

As the psalmist wrote well over 2,500 years ago -

"Give sentence with me, O God, and defend my cause against the ungodly; 
deliver me from the deceitful and wicked man ..."

It seems that some sections of academia in the Arab and Christian world will promote any falsehood to further their cause, in the Muslim world, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is one such tool, but in western academia the practice is to seize on 'inaccuracies' in the Bible, to present allegory as 'fiction' and question everything else on the grounds 'it can't be confirmed by archaeology' to undermine Chrsitianity. The objectives are different, but have the same effect. The western academics want to destroy religion, the Islamic 'scholars' want to destroy Israel and then Christianity.

It seems that the "deceitful and wicked" still infest government and find a place in the halls of academia. The two make good bedfellows, but spell misery for everyone else.

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