Thursday, 23 May 2013

An Unspeakable Act

I have been wrestling all day with the problem of what to say about yesterday's murder of Drummer Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The act of his murder was bad enough, the subsequent actions of the "English Defence League" are not appropriate as a response. The murderers are currently in hospital having been shot and wounded by the police. No doubt, in due time, they will be tried for their crime. I note that two other people have been arrested in connection with this murder, but details are, at present sparse.

Drummer Rigby was apparently targeted by this pair, which suggests they were watching his Depot Barracks, probably even did some 'dry runs' to identify a suitable target and to find the most suitable place. I find it hard to believe that no one spotted anything suspicious, or that no one else was aware of their plans. Having seen these men, the blood still dripping from their hands and the weapons on the television - even confronting a brave (or extremely foolhardy woman) - making no attempt to flee the scene, one suspects they hoped for 'martyrdom'. Thanks to the restrained police action, and one must admit, the sense of the public, they failed to get that wish fulfilled.

I have no doubt that there will already be apologists lining up to claim these men are 'victims' of an 'uncaring' UK society, but hopefully they will not begin that campaign just yet. I am equally sure that the "Multi-Culty" promoters will be out in force to declare this is not a failure of their ideology. I find it astonishing that there are always those who will try to excuse the perpetrators, in my view they are as guilty as those who commit these crimes.

From the limited news reports I am able to access, it appears that noth the attackers are British citizens, recent converts to Islam and both were known to MI5, and yet they have been able to carry out their plan unhindered. There are several aspects about this affair that should concern us. The first, in my view, is that the response to it from the 'leaders' of the Muslim communities in the UK have been rather muted. The only one I have read that condemned it outright was from the Chairman of the Mosque Committee in Essex, whose mosque was attacked by EDL supporters. He made clear that these converts have not understood the teachings of their faith.

I do believe that the concept of Multi-Culturalism is deeply flawed and has contributed to the rise in alienated minority groups which provide the perfect recruiting ground for disaffected individuals willing to take violent action for any cause. It is never popular to say so, but Enoch Powell was right to make the warning he did in the 1960s and perhaps the reason the liberal-left hate him so passionately, is that he has been proved right again and again - though perhaps not quite as dramatically as his speech suggested. The question must be; how much more blood must we see needlessly shed before someone admits the concept of multiple cultures sharing the same space cannot work. We cannot continue to tolerate a significant minority who refuse to accept English Law, who repudiate the freedoms English men and women have won by blood, sweat and tears over centuries, and wish to impose their religion and their ideological worldview on the English.

Then there is the question of the response of those like the EDL who will use this as an excuse to attack those they see as being 'aliens' and 'the problem'. Their actions will not improve matters. They will not 'drive the immigrants into the sea' and all they are likely to do is cause more distress and hardship. Burning, bombing or despoiling mosques will not change anything and simply gives those Muslims who seek it, the excuse to retailiate. I have little doubt that this is what supporters of the EDL seek to achieve, in the hope it will provide an excuse to take even more violent action against the immigrant community. These people simply do not care about the distress, the pain and suffering their actions will bring the Drummer Rigby's family, or to the victims of their actions.

Drummer Rigby is the victim of an unspeakable act of terrorism, the perpetrators, planners and supporters of which are resident in the UK. It is time the community they come from decided where its loyalties lie. It is time our own politicians stopped pretending everything is fine and good and that "mulitculturalism" is the answer to everything, and made it plain to those who commit treason that it will not be tolerated any longer.

My prayers are with Drummer Rigby's family and friends, and with his colleagues in his Regiment. He died a terrible death at the hands of a pair of evil and misguided men. Now we must wait for justice to run its course.


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