Monday, 13 May 2013

How To Irritate and Annoy Your Customers ...

I have been a customer of PayPal for some time now, but recently I have had a couple of problems involving my account with them. Though I live in Germany, my main bank account is with a UK based bank, the same one I have banked with for the last 27 years. They have no problems with my living in Europe, but apparently PayPal does. I can't contact them by telephone, and the only other option is by email - on a prescribed form which does not offer any option on the matters I need to discuss with them.

Why is this a problem? Simply put, my royalties are paid, by my US based publisher, into my PayPal account. Now, should any Nigerian Prince, Mafia money launderer, taxman or anyone else interested in getting their hands on it be reading this, forget it. The amounts aren't worth your efforts. The problem is that my publisher pays the money in, and PayPal sends me an 'advice' by email to say its there. The snag is I have to log in to my account and 'accept' the payments. Should be easy, shouldn't it?

Not the way PayPal does it. They always manage to send me the advice with a broken link. I can't accept the money, because the link PayPal send me is lacking the Transaction Code ... To make matters worse, and to rub salt into it, I can't get a sensible reply out of PayPal either, and as for trying to talk to them, forget it. Do you know how annoying it is to dial their number and get a message "The number you have dialled is not available from this location"?

In fact the last time I did manage to contact them and sort this out, I almost ended up having no PayPal account. They wanted to close my UK account and insist I open one in Germany. The snag with that is that the German PayPal site will not accept my card details - because it is a UK Bank card ...

So, now I have submitted yet another formal complaint to their anonymous complaints system. I have no great hope of a resolution anytime soon. In fact I have no great hope of any resolution. So my guess is this will mean a return to asking my publisher to pay me in US$ cheques, for banking and exchanging which, my Bank charges me £5 per item. Thanks, since most of these cheques are around that amount ...

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