Monday, 27 May 2013

The BBC Lurching Left - Again

The BBC has displayed a distinct bias to the Left of the political spectrum for as long as I've lived in the UK. I am told it predates that, so it must have its roots somewhere in the 1950s. I used to get quite upset at the very clear bias in the manner interviews were conducted with those from the Left getting a far softer ride than anyone from the Right. Once Labour and Blair were in office, the poison was really turned up against the Conservatives - yet Blair could lie through his teeth and never a murmur of challenge from the sycophantic BBC interviewers. Now their own man has admitted the bias and The Spectator reports it - but it hasn't stopped the appointment of a former Labour Cabinet minister as a Director or the decidely Left-wing former Deputy Editor of the Guardian as the Political Editor of Newsnight, one of the most lefty biased 'current affairs' programs the BBC produces.

I expect they will make all the usual protestations about 'balance' and how 'those in government should expect tougher questioning'. There will be lots of pretense and business as usual for the Beeb, after all they get millions a year out of the License Fees everyone is compelled to pay toward the Labour Party's propaganda.

As I said, I used to get angry about it. Now I don't bother. I turned off the BBC years ago, even before I left the UK to live in Germany. It just wasn't worth the aggravation, but one of these days, Parliament will have to address this farcical charade, and cut the BBCs funding. The bias is obvious, and it is now being remarked n by people who are outside the UK. It used to have a reputation for honesty, accuracy and factual reporting. No longer. It has become a joke, a laughing stock and a propaganda machine for the Left.

I'm just glad I no longer have to contribute to their activities.

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