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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Political Stupidity

It seems the mindset of the so-called 'liberal-left' knows no bounds when it comes to making offensively insensitive remarks. Even as the death toll in Oklahoma City was rising in the aftermath of the massive tornado that hit the city and flattened two schools and hundreds of other buildings was climbing, a 'celebrity' left-winger was 'Tweeting' excitedly; "This tornado is in Oklahomo so clearly it has been ordered to target only conservatives." The so-called "comedienne" has since 'Tweeted' and apology, but I think the damage is done.

To me this simply proves that often these folk don't think through their actions or even their opinions. They live in their own cosy little self-absorbed world and gauge everything on a scale of how it makes them feel. There is no consideration of consequences, no sympathy for anyone other than those they perceive to be "deserving" victims. In their view anyone who takes a different political, religious or social position to their own is "deserving" of contempt, injury and even death.

Only a complete idiot rejoices in the misfortunes of others. Only a callous and unthinking ideologue would even think of attempting to make fun of other peoples suffering and misery. People like this unfunny woman call themselves "liberals" and pride themselves on their "concern for others" or for the "environment" or any other "cause" - but, as it is written elsewhere, by their fruits you will know them. Liberal? Not by her actions and obvious insensitivity.

In my view, these people demean and disgrace the very term "liberal".

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