Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Abandoned People

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw an article in the BBC News pages that discusses the plight of the white South African population. It is disturbing for a number of reasons, not least because the descendants of those who reaped the wealth of Britain's colonial past - the current political and middle classes - don't care what happens to the descendants of those their forefathers exploited to achieve the wealth and power their descendants enjoy. The article, titled "Do white people have a future in South Africa" is thought provoking and highlights a hidden campaign of genocide condoned, if not officially sanctioned, by the current ruling Party.

The white South Africans are in a unique situation. Their forefathers found a land peopled by the various Qoi tribes, essentially hunter gatherers and herders. There were no settled towns, cities or villages - it was an ancient, but undeveloped, and very sparsely populated land. The original Dutch settlers were employees of the Dutch East India Company - the VOC, counterpart of the British HEIC - and settlement was initially limited, but gradually expanded. Then came the British. Settlement exploded and the 'colony' expanded. Where the 'Boers' or Dutch settlers had fought skirmishes and made treaties as they encountered the Bantu tribes moving south, the British embarked on wars. And they moved a very large number of settlers from the slums of Britain to the 'free land' at the southern tip of the 'dark continent'.

The settlers built roads, harbours and railways. They created towns where there had been military outposts, and many of these grew to become the cities of today. Many gave their lives while Westminster and their dependents, families and friends reaped the rewards. They hated the independent spirit of the Dutch settlers, many of them from wealthy families who could afford to defy the dictats of various Colonial Office placemen and they hated even more the settlers from Britain who quickly learned that to be free they also needed to be independent. It was these men and women who built the modern South Africa. And they paid for it in their blood, sweat and tears. In two World Wars they sent soldiers and sailors - all volunteers - to 'defend their brothers and sisters at home'. Now those same brothers and sisters have cast them adrift and deny any kinship or any responsibility.

History is, as they say, written by the 'victors' and this is certainly true of the history of the 'colonists' in Africa and one or two other places the British now wish to forget. The South African contribution to the defence of freedom in two World Wars has been airbrushed out of the 'official' histories now being written in Britain. Heaven forbid they should admit that the people Peter Hain, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson dug up cricket pitches, boycotted and screamed invective at should be acknowledged as having contributed anything to their wealth and security. Heaven forbid that the children of those 'thieving settlers' should now be considered as anything other than dross to be discarded and reviled as 'deserving' of their fate.

It is estimated that there are now 400,000 white South Africans living in squatter camps. Unemployable in the 'new' South Africa because they are 'semi-skilled' and with Black unemployment running at 23% there are simply no jobs for a new apartheid founded on nepotism and tribalism. Though the figures still show that white people still 'own' the largest share of the country's wealth, the Asian population - about 2% of the total population is fast overtaking them, and the top cadres of the ruling ANC have suddenly become multi-millionaires and even billionaires when, less than 20 years ago, they were, at best middle income earners. Crime, poverty and the lack of jobs, houses and everything else is still the fault of the "whites" and "apartheid" and definitely nothing whatever to do with the massive corruption and outright thievery of those in power now. And all of this the liberal-left studiously ignores. When confronted with it, two responses are evoked - "They deserve it for their evil behaviour under apartheid" and the ever popular, "for the majority to benefit, some must always lose".

I have, until now, seen no mention of the fact that around 200 white farmers are brutally murdered annually, with the police doing little or nothing to apprehend the murderers or to protect the farmers. In the last 20 years 30,000 white farmers have left the land, been forced off it, or murdered - and the Minister for the Interior continues to incite 'action' by demanding more rapid 'redistribution' of the land. Some reports suggest that, like Zimbabwe, the country is fast approaching a point at which it's agricultural production will collapse.

The BBC's correspondent suggests there is a future for white people in South Africa, but only if they own their own business or are self-employed. Even then, they can only make it if they are well educated, at the top of the skills market and don't employ more than five people. Over that threshold they are required, by law, to have a Black 'partner' who does not need to contribute any capital or make any contribution beyond collecting his (or her) "director's fee".  I would dare to suggest that in the not too distant future the only "white" people living here will be those who are there on contracts, earning in the upper quartile of salaries and living in heavily protected 'gated' communities. The rest will have become refugees, killed off, or forced to 'integrate' by marrying into African families.

Of course, none of this is Britain's 'problem'. These nasty white settlers, Dutch, British, German, Portuguese and everyone else, deserve their fate. They served their purpose, they shed their blood and sent the wealth back to Britain, and when they wanted to keep what they'd built - disgraceful. So, like the flotsam after a storm, they are 'casualties of history'. Another group who failed to make the grade and who will vanish into the history as a footnote if they are lucky. Britain will expend no effort on their behalf. There will be no "Band Aid" campaigns to help them and there will certainly be no picketing of embassies, demonstrations or disruption of cricket matches to raise awareness of their situation.

But, in their fate lies a warning for everyone. We are currently living in an age in which mass migration is once again rising. Britain has seen, in the last sixteen years, an unprecedented influx from Africa, Asia and from Eastern Europe. Ireland has as well, and so have most European countries. The idiotic policies of "multi-culturalism" (a form of reverse apartheid) has created unintegrated populations which, if the demographic statistics are to be believed, will soon do to Europe what the African population did in South Africa between 1948 and 1994. While the White population remained stable at roughly 5.5 million, the Black population grew from 6.5 million in 1948, to 29 million in 1980, and to 36 million in 1994 (it is now ESTIMATED at 50 to 60 million).

I suspect a similar fate awaits the USA, where the country is being assailed by immigrants from failing Southern American nations and perhaps in Australia where the country is under siege (according to some reports) by illegal immigrants from Asia, particularly failing Islamic states. Once again, the failure of these people to integrate is giving rise to 'alternative' cultures, expectations, and very likely, eventually, to swamp the original culture and take control.

Britain has done the Pontius Pilate thing on all its former sons and daughters - even those of Dutch descent who became "British" by force of arms - and cast them adrift. "Not our problem" echoes through Parliament, Whitehall and all the clubs and societies of the rich and powerful, and the ignorant rent-a-mobs who would be out on the streets campaigning if these folk had a different ethnicity.

Frankly, it is a disgrace, and we should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves and of our rulers.

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