Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ascension Day

This is an important day in the Christian calendar, the day we celebrate the Risen Christ's departure from our sight to the place we hope to join Him in the fullness of time. In Germany and other European countries it is a holiday, the shops are closed, churches are in full voice and the 'Himmelfarht' will be properly marked.

For Mausi and the Monk, it will be a quiet day, though with Harry, we will be travelling to Mannheim for Harry's 'family reunion' and a 'Grill' (BBQ to the UK and the US or Barbie in Australia and a Braai in the Monk's place of origin). Harry has now fully recovered and is back to his usual chirpy self - though still not eating with his usual gusto.

It promises to be a lovely day out.

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