Tuesday, 2 February 2010

American decline?

President Obama's massive deficit budget, designed by his socialist sycophants toenable him to "spend the country out of recession" contained the usual list of socialist "beneficiaries" and "casualties". For me it spelled out very clearly that the Golden Age of the US as a world power is drawing to a close. Its industrial capacity is being eroded steadily, its banking services now face tough regulation and the constant anti-capitalist propaganda from the socialist left is undermining its ability to operate effectively even if they can weed out the rogues. As for the growing erosion of the Constitution and the burgeoning bureaucracy, well, these are the classic signs of a failing state.

All bureaucracies are corrupt and corrupting. They are parasitic organisaations invariably staffed by nice people who believe that "the rules" must be enforced and imposed at every opportunity. Every new regulation in the UK produces at least a thousand new bureaucrats in the civil service and from what I read, the same is happening on an even grander scale in the US.

For me, however, the single sign that the US is now in decline is the cancellation by the White House of NASA's budgets for the proposed manned missions to the moon. China is now the only horse in the race and will soon be the world's only real super power. Without the moon as a base from which missions to Mars can be launched without the huge expenditure of power needed to brak out of Earth orbit with our present technology, the Mars missions will continue to be unmanned. No territory has ever been successfully explored by robots, to occupy territory a nation must have bodies on the ground. I predict that China will soon have manned missions to the moon and then establish a base there. Mr Obama and his socialist chums hate anything that speaks of success and this programme is merely the first casualty in a campaign which will see all trace of excellence remaining in the US in education, science, innovation or any other sphere of activity, reduced to socialist mediocrity.

As usual the dead hand of socialism will kill the US's Armed Forces in the same way their pals in Westminster and Whiethall have done in the UK. Death by a thousand cuts. Each little cut on its own insignificant but eventually you reach the position where the Armed Forces have been reduced to inability to do more than fulfil a limited role as poor relations to whichever super power is calling the tune.

Here is my prediction for the future.

The US will now enter a period of steady decline, facing increasing unemployment propblems and a rising Social Security and Health Care bill. Rising taxes and declining services from a burgeoning bureaucracy will bring a steady erosion of the military. By the end of this century the US will no longer be the USA, but will have broken up into Hispanic and English speaking sections, possibly even becoming four separate nations. In contrast, China, India and Brazil are likely to become the new Super Economies and Super Powers.

I hope I'm wrong, but history suggests, and Socialists everywhere intend, that I will be proved right.

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