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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


We attended a birthday party on Sunday night, for the lady that owns and manages the company we are on contract too. It was a fun evening in the basement restuarant chosen for the event. Live music, of the traditional sort and played on instruments that have been around this neck of the woods for probably one, if not two, millenia. Tea, cold drinks, alcohol free beer (Tastes like beer, smells like beer - isn't really!), salad, kebabs and fire grilled fish with rice and ther delicacies made for an amusing evening.
The food was followed by the "Hookah" pipes and orange scented smoke rolloed around the alcove. I should note that these pipes don't use tobacco, it is wood colas and sceneted herbs that are used. The smoke is reportedly cool in the mouth and the scent is pleasant to the taste and the nose. I'll take their word for it. The first teas were served by the gentleman in the fancy waistcoat and moustache in the picture which follows....

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