Monday, 15 February 2010

Construction safety?

Holes in the ground often contain interesting surprises, especially holes like this one out of which a man was observed to climb using a knotted rope. Further investigation revealed that there was at least one more of the Afghan workers we are now used to dealing with, at the bottom of the hole. It's a little over ten metres deep by the way and there is no shoring or support for the sides anywhere in evidence.
Now, our team includes one guy who is a specialist in collapsed structures and rescue, so it was obviously of interest to find out what, if any, safety precautions are in force. The discussion with the contractor provided some answers, but there is really only one way to find out for sure. Some photographs were obtained. These are they.

The workers digging this are Afghans. Desperate for work that pays these young men will undertake anything and everything so they can earn enough to send every Rial they earn home to wives, mothers or family members supporting younger siblings. Some of the "men" are little more than teenagers and the conditions they are living in are appalling. In fact the units my colleague and I burn for our courses are better constructed, better furnished and probably healthier that the mud a brick structures in which these boys and young men live.

And in case you were wondering - this is how sewerage is managed and disposed of. These are essentially cesspits. And the excavation has been done entirely by hand, by four men from a region in Afghanistan where the men and boys are renowned for their lack of fear of tunnels and confinement. We are told that many are killed each year .....


  1. *gulp*

    I was going to make some silly comment about how the hole should be shaped like Wyle E. Coyote, but those photos just made me woozy.

  2. Interesting post to know some details. Many people think that construction safety can be taken any moment but, it's wrong. While planning only people has to take all the construction safety measures to avoid any type of accidents which may occur at the location.