Friday, 26 February 2010

Quiet day at home writing.

Its been a quiet day at home for me. The rest of the crew went walking up a mountain but I declined - a walk in the mountains is something for when I move to Germany and the mountains are less rugged and less dramatic than the one's the guys have gone to walk in. Besides, the damned things are covered in snow where they want to walk.

So I've spent a very productive day writing a couple of chpaters for the book I have been researching and attempting to get moving for some time now. It's called Ego Sum and is based on the life of my name saint, who, as regular readers will be aware, is a hero of mine. It has been a fascinating exrecise, not least for what I have learned about the so-called "dark ages" and the collapse of the Roman Empire in the west. It has also been a bit of a voyage of discovery in exploring the history of those first five centuries of Christianity and the roots and traces that do still exist in Britin despite the attempts of the later monastics - including the Venomous Bede, Augustine of Canterbury's propagandist, to write out of history the early Christian communities who remained active in Britain even after the Saxon Invasions and were there to greet Augustine and his Romanising mission.

What did that early church look like? Probably not far removed from what is today known as the Orthodox Church. The Roman Church that Augustine brought us would have already begun the "westernisation" of the interpretation of much of the Gospel and changes to the liturgies and the worship that Early Church members would hardly have recognised. Certainly one of the most important changes he brought was the centralisation of authority away from congregations to the Bishops and ultimately to Rome. The church in Britain that he came to replace had been separated from Rome and practiced still the concept of the Bishop in Community although monasticism had already, to an extent, taken the gospel into a closed enclave to the exclusion of the non-clergy.

If you would like to see what the story looks like so far, click this link to FanStory for a full list of my writing there.

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