Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rising tensions or media and political hype?

One thing I have learned in the last number of years of travelling to some pretty odd parts of the world is that you can seldom rely on any of the Big News Media channels for a balanced picture of anything or anywhere the left-leaning news editors and presenters project. If I believed the news I get at home, all Iranians are rabid Islamicists hell bent on bombing and burning the west into some sort of Sharia governed slum. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real problem here is the way the west is used as a whipping by and presented by their government as an enemy just looking for an excuse to attack them and rob them of their freedom and their religion.

Its the classic tactic of the dictator, distract the populace from internal problems by blaming the interference of an external "enemy" even when that enemy is trying to engage you in negotiation. That said, I rather think the way the situation is presented in our mass media in the west, and the garbage that is fed by our politicians for their own purposes to the public inflames everything and won't resolve anything. Sadly, the statements made by the Iranina President are ot seen by the western media for what they really are - window dressing for the domestic market. Of course we should be worried by the declarations about nuclear enrichment, but is megaphone politics useful? No. And neither is the constant threat of sanctions, that simply drives people into the defensive laager!

This is the problem, between the media whipping up passions with misinformation, the inevitable fanatics (We have plenty of those in the UK - witness the morons shouting slogans outside the Iraq Enquiry!) and the politicians - is it any wonder we end up fighting wars everywhere?

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