Monday, 1 February 2010

Interesting times

The snow of the weekend has vanished and the mountain snow seems to have retreated too. This week has seen several other things though, like the opening today of the road tunnel that passes beneath a part of the Tehran CBD and links up the main North-South Expressways. It has had a somewhat troubled construction period since it passes beneath a major road and several buildings and there have been a number of collapses during construction as well, though none affecting the buildings.

Our courses continue and the latest group of students are keen and good fun. It will be a fun course, though I think all the instructors are now tired, homesick and need a long spel at home.

The weekend coming will be interesting. It is the anniversary of the Revolution and already there are posters, flags and decorations going up everywhere. I would say though that I get a feeling that not everyone is keen to celebrate it and we are told there are opposition protests planned for Friday... I think the Monk will be staying at home and watching the jollifications or otherwise on the telly.

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