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Friday, 19 February 2010

Chickens coming home to roost

Labours chickens are coming home to roost at last. In a brilliant article the Telegraph tells us that there are too many Quangos - state (taxpayer) funded (QuaNGO = Quasi Non Governmental Organisation) which we can no longer afford. We never could afford them, but in typical fashion Labour thought they could create jobs for the boys in all sorts of interesting quasi official organisations, run and staffed of course by their left wing chums and packed with hordes of civil servants.

The example that triggered this -

The UK Film Council, a government-backed agency, the role of which is to ensure that "the economic, cultural and educational aspects of film are represented effectively at home and abroad", advertised for a head of diversity.
This, I promise, is not a spoof. The council is looking for an "exceptional individual" to run its diversity department. Yes, department. How many of them are there, for goodness sake? And what do they do? Is the British film industry so riddled with racists, misogynists and homophobes that it needs awareness lessons?

Having picked through the details, I am beginning to appreciate that the implementation of a "diversity strategy" is more complicated than common sense might suggest. According to the council's website, the right candidate will "develop an active dialogue with key groups and opinion formers", "allocate funding to diversity activities" and, naturally, "manage the diversity department team". It's true: there's a team.

Now for the knockout question: what do you think the salary is? Remember, this is a position that is funded by taxpayers, partly in the form of cash from the National Lottery. For context, here is a range of jobs currently on offer elsewhere in the public sector. A crime bureau investigator with Essex Police is paid £16k-£22k. A staff nurse at an acute-care hospital in central London gets £28k-£29k. An Army sergeant can expect £32k-£36k.

No quibbles there: given the demands and social importance of these posts, it seems not unreasonable to assume that those filling them will provide us with value for money. But what about the Film Council's head of diversity? Come on, guess. How much are we paying for someone who can "make things happen" rather than just "talking the talk"? What's the price for "improving diversity", ie lavishing political correctness on a creative industry? £40k? £50k? Keep going. The answer is £70k, plus benefits.

As a Cabinet minister said to me: "Could this task not have been handled by the Film Council's personnel officer?" Given Britain's comprehensive employment legislation, which outlaws any kind of discrimination, what more is there to be done, beyond the pernicious practice of establishing quotas for the Government's preferred groups?

Its unbelievable in any society except the Britain this socialist ideological morass has created that any responsible body would even contemplate advertising such a post. That it has created a Department around this post and no doubt expects the taxpayer to fnd it, beggars belief. If this continues I confidently predict that the Britain of 2050 will be a Third World dup of ghettos and enclaves for the wealthy civil servants, their political masters and a net receiver of Aid. Our manufacturing indiustry has been priced out of business, our education system is now utterly inferior even to that available in most countries the politcal classes like to demonise and the Treasury is bankrupt. Our Armed Forces are woefully reduced to nothing (Be interesting to see what happens now the Argentinians are threatening a new invasion of the Falklands - Labour's Luvvies will sell our people straight down the river of that you may be absolutely sure.) like what is needed and still expected to fight wars we should never have been involved in.

To quote a small part of the article -

One by one, Labour's illusions are being dispelled. We cannot incentivise idleness and expect it to diminish. We cannot spend more than we earn and expect to become richer. We cannot borrow more than is affordable and expect to remain solvent. We cannot import millions of economic migrants and expect higher wages for low-paid workers. We cannot run a non-selective state education system and expect its output to waltz into Oxbridge. We cannot dumb down academic standards and expect employers not to notice. In short, we cannot cheat our way to sustainable prosperity.

What more can I say except, please read the full article and consider carefully what we should do to rid our media, our nation and our politics of this socialist disease. See: Quangos are a luxury we can't afford and certainly don't need...

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