Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What's a cat to do?

Mausi the cat almost triggered an avalanche yesterday as she examined the possibility of going our into the garden via the upstairs window and roof. The garden currently lies buried beneath almost 40cm of snow and this is far more than Mausi's height, so she has had to remain indoors unless she can make use of the paths her humans clear from time to time. Mostly she stays indoors. Its warmer, her paws don't get iced up and she can sleep....

But yesterday the other Mausi opened a window to take a picture and she saw her chance to test an alternative route to outside. She didn't reckon on the snow moving under her.... The mini-avalanche started as soon as she tried to walk on the slope. Just in time she pulled back, and scampered back inside to complain loudly that her humans should have warned her!

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