Sunday, 11 July 2010

Busy and hot!

The last couple of days we've been busy showing the Postulant a bit of this corner of Germany. Our vist to Mainz took in the Gothenburg Museum, the Dom (Of course) and would have included the Museum of Roman Ship Transport - except it was closed for renovation of the roof and apparently is being re-organised as well. We had planned to spend some time in the cinema as it's airconditioned and the temperatures were soaring, so we went early to see Shrek 3. It was hilarious, even though it was dubbed in German, the 3D really gets it going and brings it right out to the audience.

Great stuff. Supper at a Cafe called Alex just off the Romer completed the day and then it was home in the heat to the Taunus.

Saturday we planned to spend on the Rhine, catching the ferry cruiser from Rudesheim. It calls in at Bingen and one or two other places before passing through the Lorelei passage and reaching St Goar. Here we had lunch and visited the Museum of Dolls and Teddy Bears, the Evangelical Church which has some stunning windows and a decorated interior. Then, in temperatures now in the very high 30's, caught the train back along the Rhine to Bingen. A short walk from the station saw us on the passenger ferry across the river and back in Rudesheim.

Travelling further along the Rhine towards Wiesbaden brought us to Eltville where we had a fabulous supper in "Das Gelbhaus", a terrific restuarant on the edge of the town. The building is medieval, half timbered and decorated and flanked by the old town, the former monastic buildings with their fabulous rose gardens and a vineyard. Sitting on the open verandah next to the vineyard we all tucked into delicious salads washed down with cool drinks, Apfelschorle and a grape juice "schorle". The "schorle" is a mix of pure fruit juice and sparkling water and on a hot day, is very refreshing.

When we arrived home our little weather station informed us that, while it was 25*C inside, the outside temperature was 37*C. The news advised us that it had hit 44*C in Frankfurt and over forty in Wiesbaden. We eventually managed to fall asleep with the windows wide and the covers as light as we could manage. The clear skies suggested no change in the weather overnight, but a storm woke us with the flicker of lightning at around 2am, necesitating closing the window partially. The lightning and the thunder though stayed some distance away, giving us only a short shower and a lot of wind.

Today has been slightly cooler, it's 34*C as I type, but we have high hopes of somerain or a storm to cool it down a tad for the next few days. Now I'd better get the BBQ going!

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