Monday, 12 July 2010

Superheated ICE....

The ICE (Inter City Express) high-s[eed trains are the pride of the German Rail system, Deutche Bahn, and usually they are the last word in comfortable rail travel, even the "Standard" Class having comfortable seating and all the amenities. However, the heatwave we are having here has evidently exposed a small design flaw or equipment deficiency. Passengers have had to be treated for dehydration and heat exhaustion on a number of these super trains in the last day or s as temperatures inside them soared to above 50*C.

The cause is simple. The airconditioning plant cannot deal with sustained high tempertaures in the 40*C range.

Worst affected were several school parties. Their train ended up stopping in Hannover where some of the children needed to be treated in hospital for dehydration. Other trains have also had to stop running in various cities and the passengers transfer to the Regional trains which seem to have been better able to deal with the heat.

Having travelled on one of these Regional trains on Saturday, I can tell you that its A/C system functioned extremely well.

We now need the predicted thunderstorms to cool us down and wet the ground, our garden needs it.

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