Saturday, 31 July 2010

A forest walk...

I'm surrounded by a forest here and the access roads provide bridle paths and walking routes. We have a number of Red Kites nesting around here and they are currently teaching their youngsters to hunt. So are the "Windhovers" - more properly, Kestrels - and the are fascinatng to watch as they soar and hover watching for mice and other delicacies. Unfortunately my camera skills have so far not been up to catching a picture of any of them.

We currently have a plague of field mice, and the kestrels and the kites are happily reducing the population - as, I'm sure, are the owls, though we rarely see them.

Madam Paddy Cat, or as our German Vet has labelled her, Ein Ninja Norwegiese Waldkatze, has discovered that there are mice in the garden. She is busy trying to find where they hide as soon as she wanders out and I expect that any day now we will start finding her contributions to the larder lined up somewhere. Last night was quite amusing as she spotted one and put on a burst of speed to get close, then did a lengthy stalk. The mouse escaped, but I think it is probably recovering at home from a spell in the mouse equivalent of Intensive Care after the fright it got.

Madam then spent around an hour investigating every movement in the garden, particularly in the areas the mice have been active. The old lady may be almost twenty, but her hunting skills are obviously still active.

Ce la vie, I'm off now to take coffee and Kuchen at a place called Schlaefer's Kopf, one a Hunting Lodge for the nobility, I think owned by Kaiser Wilhelm II, and now a restuarant and tea room with a stunning view of Wiesbaden from it's mountaintop. Mausi, lucky lady, is in Strahlsund, bathing and sunbathing. She tells me the sea temperature is 19*C and the air temperature is 23*C. Sounds perfect to me, wish I was there!


  1. Am I wrong to read "Schlaefer's Kopf" as "Sleepy head"? ;P