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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Images of Conflict

The Postulant and the Monk have been exchanging emails on the subject of the images the media love to promote always painting the military in Iraq or Afghanistan as brutal killers attacking innocents and causing the probelms there. The image that started this discussion can be found here.

As I pointed out, I cannot see a member of the Taliban or an "Insurgent" in Iraq showing the same care for an injured child. Both would be more likely to strap a bomb to the child in the belief that this somehow "serves Islam." The Postulant makes this point extremely well in her reply.

I was thinking about that this morning – there are people in all areas of life who are so determined to hate a person or particular group of people for a perceived wrong, that they’re impossible to negotiate with and will even hurt themselves in their quest to make the other party pay. The only way to change their perceptions is to hang back and wait for them to see the light, which takes a frustratingly long time with so many people profiting from spreading fear and distrust. Imams have too much to gain from hatred in the middle east, political agitators the world over have too much to gain from promoting their own pet causes. I even saw it recently in people who work for charities – all of them believe that their particular cause is the most worthy cause and anyone who disagrees is subhuman and not worthy of even the most basic respect. It’s a form of hysteria! The only way the world can improve is if the majority learn to take a step back from the emotional maelstrom that their manipulators operate in and calmly evaluate things for themselves.

Sadly, as I have replied to her, most of us are too lazy to check what we are being fed and too innured in the mantra of the left that this form of hysterical promotion of any given 'cause' is "moral" to act sensibly and refuse to go along with it any longer.


  1. I forgot to add that there's a reason that state education systems all over the world have been discouraged from teaching those dispassionate evaluation skills...

  2. It's a lot easier to rule the mob if the mob is incapable of independent thought ;P

    I thought you knew that you old cynic! ;P