Monday, 5 July 2010

Marking birthdays...

On Saturday we celebrated Mausi's mother's birthday. We began with a breakfast of melon, smoked ham, bread rolls and champagne or Buck's Fizz in the shade of the plum tree in the garden. With eleven round the table it was most enjoyable even as the temperature began to climb we all managed to stay in the shade and to enjoy the gentle breeze which, from time to time, brought a welcome coolness.

By lunchtime though, the temperature had reached around 35*C and still climbing, so we re-arranged the table down in the basement family room which remained a much nicer 20*C and set up the chairs and crockery and cutlery for the afternoon tea session and fourteen more guests. Then Mausi, her sister, Mum and I all took a short rest in cool spots before the new guests arrived at 15.30. By this time the temperature outdoors had hit 37*C and still going up, though there were some huge thunderheads building to the south of Dietzenbach...

Now, you will be wondering about the German v Argentina game. Yes, we watched the first half, yes, I was shouting for Germany, and yes, it was a great game and a fabulous score!

And I'll tell you that the basement was ideal, the cakes superb, the tea and coffee perfect and so was the company.

The storm was brief in Dietzenbach, but enough to cool the air and Mausi and I got home at around 21.30 to find that we had had a great deal more rain here than in Dietzenbach and the air was pleasantly cool as we went to bed. A great celebration and a great game of footie. What else is there to ask for?

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