Friday, 2 July 2010

Heat and waste disposal...

I guess that summer has arrived at full strength here in the Taunus. The temperature for the last several days has been in the high 20's Celsius and threatening to get hotter. This is, of course, a typical feature of a "Continental Climate" and as the land heats up and stores the heat, the night time cool down - particularly here in the low 50* latitudes where the sky is still light at 23.00 - is quite small. So we go to bed warm, and wake up warm.

Today is going to be a stinker - already over 25*C in the shade.

At least the efficient waste disposal system here in Germany is hard at work. Last night we cleared a whole lot of junk and unwanted furniture from the basement. This morning a large "crunchy-munchy" truck arrived and proceeded to load a mattress, the metal bits and one or two other things we were discarding. Crushing these into the huge load bin, it then moved on, leaving all the wooden stuff behind with the shouted assurance that "Das Holzwagen kommt!".

"Das Holzwagen" turned out to be another "crunchy-munchy" truck and the furniture was chucked into the load bin, then the crushing scoop got to work. In short order the bulky furniture was just so much splintered wood chip, no doubt now on its way to a chipboard or MDF plant!

There is quite a bit more to be got rid of, but as this is mostly electrical goods we have to take these to the disposal site ourselves. Recycling is a serious business here, even garden waste is shredded, mulched, bagged and sold as fertiliser. Not a lot goes into landfill in fact. Bought some cold drinks from the supermarket? There's a deposit on the plastic bottle - take it back and you get a refund. Beer bottles, cold drink bottles, even water bottles are all deposit refundable. Glass bottles are all reused, plastic bottles are shredded, remixed and reformed into new ones or, and here's a surprise for all you "fleece" wearers - turned into "fleece"...

Now there's a thought next time you put it on. You're probably wearing a collection of old cold drink bottles.

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