Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Great weather...

A high pressure system sitting over Germany named Beowulf by the weather gurus, has brought us some beautiful days and nights lately. Breakfast this morning on the patio in the fresh coolness was enlivened by Madam Paddy Cat who discovered mice ... She has now spent the morning hunting and though she hasn't caught anything she's certainly stirred up the field mice! I think a few of them are recovering from near coronaries at present.

Well, now the grass has been shaved, though it is looking a little brown in places and desperately needs a couple of days of "soft soaking rain". The storms of a few nights ago have flattened several fields of wheat around us and that is bad news for the farmers concerned as once the wheat lies down, a nasty little fungus called Ergot gets onto it. Ergot is halucinogenic in small doses, poisonous in larger doses. It has now been discovered that the Salem Witch Hunting and probably other Witch Hunts in Europe and the UK was triggered by Ergot infected wheat being used to make flour (The poorer folk in Salem farrmed in marshy conditions that promoted the spread of the Ergot and this probably happened in the Fen Country of the UK as well.). Cooking doesn't kill the toxin, it may actually help concentrate it, so, once baked into the bread ...

Now I'd better get some editing done so the next Harry manuscript can go to the publisher... Salad again for lunch methinks.

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