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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Titanic Exhibition

Today we met the Postulant and then went inti Wiesbaden for lunch. Seated in the Markt, in one of the open air cafes we enjoyed a wonderful lunch, then turned our attention to the Titanic Exhibition in the Markt Kelder beneath our feet. It proved to be an excellent choice in the heat.

The exhibition brings the ship and the story to life in a fascinating manner as you follow the route through it. From conception through building and fitting out you are led gently through the passneger fittings, through the artefacts - some genuine and some replicas - interlaced with photographs of the people. The whole is explained on a recorded commentary as you go and you can, of course, stop and consider aspects or replay a bit of the commentary.

By the time you reach the end you have realised that this was a truly international tragedy. Almost every nation in the Northern Hemisphere lost people on this ship and the complete passenger list and the entire crew list is there at the end of the exhibition for you to see and consider.

Well worth the money and the time spent viewing it.

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