Saturday, 17 July 2010

Eagles may soar ...

One of those funny sayings that emerge in 'folk-culture' as a counter to some of the 'management speak buzz phrases' that infect our communications. One I stumbled across recently says it really well - "Eagles may soar - but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines." It's one of those truisms that really leaps off the page and describes so well some of the passengers who climb onto every gravy train.

In any organisation where the Politically Correct or the Management Culture has been imported and imposed by the Management, you rapily find that soaring with the eagles is a bad career move, being a weasel is a good one. The Management Culture we now have seeks out a rewards "Yes Men", mistaking them for "Team Players". Geerally they're not, they're weasels and weasels are self interested predators. So are eagles when you come right down to it, but an eagle generally has a much better view of reality as he soars above the scuttling weasel slinking along close to the ground.

Ce la vie, given the choice, I'll take the eagles as team mates anyday. I've never liked weasels, so I'll take my chances on being sucked into a jet engine sometime.

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