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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Greenpeace's pirate activities foiled for the moment...

So the Greenpeace pirate ship has turned up where the authorities thought it would - at the Cairn Oil Exploration rigs off Greenland. It's good to know that the Danes aren't standing for it and have declared a 500 m exclusion zone, warning the Captain of the Greenpeace ship that any breach of that zone by the ship or its crew will result in his arrest and the arrest of the ship. They've backed it with a frigate and the Greenpeace twits better believe the Danes aren't bluffing and won't be held back by the Westminster and Whitehall W*nk*rs who Kowtow to their rent-a-mob tactics.

The News article online gives these ideologically driven idiots a platform to womble on about how 'the money should have been invested in developing renewable and non-hydrocarbon based power' which tells you just how ignorant and impractical these people are. They will picket powerstations, then rush home and cook on electricity, use products and tools and equipment that without oil wouldn't exist. They enjoy the benefit of all the modern wealth and industry created by the hard work and industry, innovation even, of those who risk their lives and their capital to generate it - and would scream blue murder if you cut off the 'benefits' these parasites live on.

They have no idea where the cash and the capital comes from and live in a cloud cuckooland where 'government' provides money for every crazy idea and whim they come up with. If their schemes were followed, most of the modern medicine we currently enjoy would cease to exist, so would most technology and the lifestyle they and most other people in the UK, US and Europe take for granted would vanish overnight. So would beauty spots like the Severn Estuary, the Cairngorms, Snowdonia and many other "wild places." These would vanish beneath the 'renewable energy' plants such as the Severn Barrier and the ghastly, expensive, and largely unproductive windfarms they love so dearly. What would we hear then?

Oh, that these have to be dismantled because they have disturbed the nesting sites of the Great Spotted Twit, or disrupted the lesser spotted eel breeding season or perhaps even disturbed a colony of three toed newts! Why not just round these morons up, give them a large tract of pristine wilderness somewhere, stick a fence round it and make sure they fend for themselves in the greenest possible manner! They want to return the world to its fantasy 'prisitine' state? Fine, let them show the way and live without all the modern things their 'Vegan' and 'alternative' lifestyles depend on. Including my taxes!

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