Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A wet and rainy garden

We've just had a visit in the garden from a Green Woodpecker. Bold as brass, he came right onto the patio and examined our furniture carefully, thankfully not drilling any holes! Considering that the weather is a bit miserable - very wet and quite windy - he'd presumably decided to look for easier food to get at than he can generally find in the trees currently being blown about in the wind.

Fortunately for the bird, Madam Paddy Cat is a little put off by the wet, though she insists on checking whether we have turned off the rain yet at regular intervals. She still hasn't caught any mice yet, though she is harrassing them in their hiding places at present. She did give us some amusement the other night when she was startled by the resident hedgehog. She retreated inside and now carefully checks to see whether he's lurking before venturing into that section of the flower beds.

The weather does rather suggest that summer is now at an end and autumn gathering its forces. Several of our trees and shrubs have taken on their autumn hues so I expect others will soon follow suit. The grass, however, is growing like fury.

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