Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Unbelievable cruelty

I came across this piece of unbelievable cruelty by a woman in the UK which says more than anything else I know that there are just some people out there who should not be allowed to live in any community excpet one surrounded by wire and preferably under supervision by psychiatrists.

This woman was filmed petting a young cat, then grabbing it and throwing it ito a wheelie bin where the terrified kitten spent the next sixteen hours until her owners found her. One has to wonder how many unfortunate cats have ended their lives at this creeps hands when the bin has been grabbed by the garbage truck handlers and tipped into the crushing mechanism. What motivates someone like this? Did it give her some sort of thrill to do this to the kitten who is seen in the video being friendly and playful?

I will never understand this sort of behaviour and I cannot bring myself to excuse it or condone it. I can only hope that she is traced and dealt with severely by the courts - though I'm sure some smart lawyer will find an excuse and the court will swallow it...


  1. While I agree that she probably has a screw loose and should not be allowed near animals, the part of this story that I found most disturbing was the death threats from all over the world, which means that she now has an expensive police escort to protect her from equally crazy people. There was even a group on Facebook calling for her to be murdered; the same place where morons hero-worshipped Raoul Moat for shooting his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend (who died) and blinding a policeman. The internet is a wonderful thing for enabling like-minded people to exchange information, but we may need to learn how to cope with like-minded morons using it as a means of promoting mob rule...

  2. I culdn't agree more. That sort of response is totally uncalled for and displays a very disturbing lack of rational thought among the many who have responded in that way.