Monday, 16 August 2010

Under what legislation are Greenpeace authorised to attack Drilling Operations?

An item in the Guardian Newspaper states that Greenpeace has commissioned an ex-Russian Fire Fighting ship to 'target' deep-sea drilling operations they consider 'dangerous to the environment.' The Danish government has responded to the threat by despatching a naval vessel to defend Danish drilling operations off the Faroe Islands and Greenpeace admits that these fields are on their list of 'danger' sites. They are also accusing the Danish government of 'over reacting' stating 'we are an entirely peaceful protest ship.'

Yes, and Che Guevarra was just a Freedom Fighter defending the 'rights' of oppressed citizenry whether they wanted it or not.

The recent assault by this 'peaceful' organisation on BP Service Stations across London will, no doubt, go unpunished even though, in strictest terms of existing law it is sabotage, or commercial disruption and could be argued that the loss of livelihoods by the operators of these stations - franchise holders - and the threats to their staff and loss of earnings by their employees should be billed to Greenpeace. I do not recall ever being asked to vote for Greenpeace - a multi million pound 'charity' with most of its assets and principal 'managers' domiciled well off-shore and out of reach of any legal jurisdiction they target - to 'police' anything or anyone. Nor have I ever seen any legislation passed by anyone - the UN is NOT and never will be a legislative body - authorising Greenpeace or any other 'charity' to act as policemenor in any capacity to interfere with the legal operation of the tapping of any resources needed to run the modern world.

The lie they perpetuate in the Guardian article, that this is a 'peaceful' protest is just that, a lie. This operation will include attempts to sabotage equipment, to board the rigs and endanger, by stupid stunts, the lives of the operators and the safety of the rig. That is piracy, yes, P - I - R - A - C - Y, and there is nothing romantic or good about it. Take a look at the International Maritime Treaties. Greenpeace and their surrogate organisations involved in putting 'boarders' onto any ship proceeding on any lawful business upon the oceans in International or National waters, are commiting an act of piracy and it is high time they were arrested and charged with this.

Let us hope the Danes are just the first of many navies to be sent to defend these assets and arrest the Greenpeace pirates.

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