Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Yesterday marked the one hundredth anniversary of the Act of Union, not of Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland, but of the four "Provinces" that made up the former Union of South Africa. THe Union held from 1910 until 1961 when South Africa formally left the Comonwealth under the leadership (One could say dictatorship) of the Afrikaner Nationalists, and became a Republic. I doubt many people marked the occassion, certainly not many outside of South Africa would have remembered it and I think probably the British would have good reason to forget it, since that Act of Union, written in London by British Civil Servants and British Politicians, contained the seeds of Apartheid. It allowed for the "Tribesmen" to be represented by "Commissioners" and to not have a direct say in government. It was probably a reasonable and sensible approach in 1910 since it was the basis of such "Acts" all around the Globe in an Empire then at its zenith.

I find it fascinating that todays "liberal" generation sees only the outcome of such an important moment in the history of western civilisation. They see only the "suppression" and ignore the hardships and the heartbreak of the settlers who went to places like South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Americas seeking opportunities for themselves and their descendents denied them in their home countries - frequently by the forebears of the very same intelligentsia that today brands them "murderers, vandals, oppressors" and worse. They ignore the contribution these men and women and their descendents made to the wealth that allows Britain to give "free" health care, education and "benefits" to a population no longer interested in enterprise or in the freedoms their fathers and grandfathers fought so hard to gain. Just "gimme my giro and let's go get a skinful down the pub" for the largest part of the "working class" while the Islington "chattering classes" rewrite history, reinvent their own families and line their pockets on the wealth they calim the settlers "stole" from the "natives" elsewhere.

Today marks another anniversary that will probably go unnoticed by the masses and the media, but I would hope not by the successors of Nelson. Today is the anniversary of Lord Howe's great victory over the French at sea in 1794, just as yesterday was also the anniversary of the Battle of Jutland in 1916. What a shame to think that the fleet which served the British nation (and protected the very wealth the rewriters of our history now live off) is likely to be reduced to no more than a coastal defence force. The two great Aircraft carriers are ikely to be scrapped before they are even launched in the desperate scramble to "save" money so the Civil Service can continue to expand and waste it, the Fleet is likely to be reduced even further as the argument goes that "we can't afford it" simpy because the money is to be wasted on social engineering and the :arts" not on science and engineering.

Kiplings famous lines of 1897, his poem titled Recessional, was a prophetic piece of work, worthy of reading on dates such as these.

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