Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Goofing off - again...

Just been watching a large Red Kite, one of several nesting around here, soaring and skimming over the fields next to the house. It appeared to be carrying grass, leaves and twigs in its beak though it was flying a hunting pattern. The local sparrows, black birds and other small stuff went absolutely beserk, setting up a terrific row, but starngely, the magpies that have been watching a particular nest decided to decamp fairly smartish and so did the several large woodpigeons or doves who usually inhabit the area.

Watching the Kite was fascinating, it seemed to make no effort at all as it circled and slid through the air, only the feathers at its wing tips making any movement as it banked and soared in the updrafts. I suspect the field mice, cats and other small animals were all in hiding.

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