Friday, 11 June 2010

Stormy night...

Last night we had a repeat of the storms that swept across Hesse the previous evening. It broke directly overhead on our little mountain just after midnight, and it lasted for perhaps two hours. The lightning was amazing, the thunder shook the house and the rain was almost solid jets of water from the cloud.

Fortunately there was no repeat of the tornados that hit Baden-Wurtemburg (South of us) the previous evening, and being high up, we have not suffered the flooding they had in Frankfurt and elsewhere.

The lightning burned overhead in the most spectacular display I have seen for some time, the thunder was almost simultaneous and I had to get up to unplug various aerials - just in case. There were definitely some strikes around here, but thankfully, not on us! The garden has survived the rain, but tomorrow, hopefully will be drier - the grass needs mowing.

One compensation, all our water barrels are full now, so the garden will be well provided for.

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