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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Gaza Blockade Runners

I note with interest that the "Free Palestine" Organisation is now using FaceBook and YouTube to post their anti-Israel propaganda. Having just watched a short piece of this garbage I must say that these morons need a reality check. These publicity stunts, like that which has just led to the death of 19 "protestors" armed to the teeth and ready to attack anyone attempting to stop their "peaceful" blockade break attempt, are the cupable criminals here.

Israel is a sovereign state, whatever the pro-Palestinian Left think, say or do. No, I don't like what the Israelis are doing on the West Bank and I'm not that happy about that fact that, sixty years on, they still refuse to compensate those Palestinians who lost their homes and possessions back in 1947/8. But we must not forget that in the case of Gaza, it is ruled by Hamas. Hamas has declared war on Israel. Therefore a state of war exists between themselves and the people of Gaza. Under those conditions Israel has the right, just as these same idiots would argue if Cuba or Venezuela declared war on the US, to enforce a blockade and to prevent anyone from running that blockade. If necessary by sinking, burning and destroying everything and everyone that attempts to do so.

The Israelis have arrested ships, confiscated cargos and repatriated the crews and the socalled "peace" protestors that Hamas has duped into acting as shields for their gun running. Humanitarian aid? That may be what the idiots supporting this and spreading their poison on YouTube and Facebook call it, but you may be sure that there are a fair old range of "harmless" bombs and other weapons tucked in amongst it.

Labelling the Israelis as "pirates", "hijackers" and "kidnappers" as the YouTube video claims is not just insulting, its intended to incite the Israelis into a response. Hopefully they will refrain, but equally hopefully all the bleeding hearts leaving comments of sympathy and support on that and other sites will get a reality check. Hamas are TERRORISTS, backed and funded by Al Qaeda and Iran. If you support them, you support Al Qaeda and Armedinejad.

I think the US Homeland Security people need to check on that!

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