Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gardening and other pleasures...

Getting a garden under control when you have an infestation of field mice, rabbits and probably other critters, can be entertaining. Madam Paddy Cat has detected the mice, but so far has done little more than investigate their hiding places. We are hoping that her presence will deter further incursions and colonies.

There has been an explosion of the mice population this year, thought to be the result of people's efforts to feed the bird population during the very harsh winter. Naturally what the birds scattered and spilled, the mice shared and thrived.

One amusing tale from this week, is the fact that Mausi's staff had to use a company car to go to court in Limburg. The car started, got a short distance and then all the warning lights started to light up. A careful return to the HQ and a check by the Mechanic on site revealed that the car had been visited by a Martin. These cuddly "minor bears" are family of Badgers, Bears, Racoons and so on. At this time of the year, for some inexplicable reason, they get under the bonnets of cars and eath the wiring, the lubricating hoses and coolant pipes. No one knows why, because the rest of the year, they ignore them completely...

Ce la vie, with the rabbits having eaten a couple f plants, some of our creepers not having survived the winter, and the Bind Weed that tries to strangle everything as soon as you turn your back, its been a challenge, but we're winning. The awn is recovered, the shrubs have recovered and the flowering plants are getting into their stride. Still a lot to do though!


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  2. Mother Nature has a way of reminding you who's boss, doesn't she?

  3. I wonder if there's something in the coolant pipes and wires that the Martins think they need in their diet to get through the summer?