Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Barbque weather ...

At present we are enjoying - if that is the right word - some really warm weather, even here on our mountain top. It is sweltering in the Rhine valley round Wiesbaden and promises to get warmer by the weekend.

Barbeques out in the evening, supper in the Gazebo. Just how much better can life get?


  1. Sooo much better with some bloggy friends, maybe?
    ::wags eyebrows::

  2. Of course! But distance prohibits at present!

  3. And last night's BBQ was a great evening. Great food, some excellent discussions between a whole slew of new friends (for me anyway!) in a very natural forested park. The Schwemgril is inside an octagonal log house, the grill being the centre and tables and benches around the walls provide a place to sit even in bad weather. Last night we sat outside enjoying the breeze, the forest sounds and the clean fresh air.