Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Discussing our faith

Had a visit from our new Vikar last night. Fr Klaus is a very nice man and a super priest. Our discussion was fairly wide ranging, including why we want to join his congregation of "Old Catholics" as opposed to the Episcopalian Congregation or the Roman Catholics. Essentially it boils down to our having found a welcome in his church and congregation that was overwhelmingly the Holy Spirit at work in them and us. In the process we learned that he had left the Roman Church himself, as a priest, in order to marry and have a family.

As Rome cannot admit a married priesthood - ironic, since the unmarried priesthood is fairly recent, as in 14th Century, imposition - he faced a choice. Give up his future wife or his ministry. The Old Catholic Church does not make that distinction, so he was welcomed into their ministry and offices and is now happily married, with a wonderful wife and children. And his services are truly spiritually inspiring.

Our discussion explored a number of things both in doctrine and practice. There is almost no difference in fact between the stance of the Anglican Church (My tradition) and the Old Catholics on almost everything. And where there are differences, they don't matter. My Licence as a "Reader" has stirred a lot of interest, since they do not have this type of Ministry, but it has culminated in my being asked if I would like to explore a ministry in the Old Catholics. Naturally I have said yes, though probably not until my German is a great deal better than it is now.

Seems, the Lord may work in some interesting ways to keep one in his service...

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