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Monday, 14 June 2010


OK, I'm not a football fan. The 'Beautiful Game' as far as I am concerned is simply a different kind of tribal warfare, a spectator version if you like, but one that attracts membership of a particular 'tribe' - sorry club - and engenders the sort of loyalty that used to be reserved for one's blood relations. And sometimes the sort of behaviour these 'fans' display, is anything but civilised.

At present it is almost impossible to avoid having to watch the various 'national' teams perform in SA and some of it is pretty close to the sort of tribal skirmish the Britsh Empire put an end to in many parts of the world. That said, I did watch the England versus the US match, and frankly England failed utterly in my view to look like a team or to perform like one. They scored early and then fell apart. I know the Red Top gutter press is busily blaming the goalkeeper for letting in a goal he caught and then dropped to allow it to trickle past him, but that was only one symptom of the whole.

By contrast I could not fail to be impressed by a German team that outplayed its opponents in spectacular fashion. The played like a team, they looked like a team and they went ahead and conducted a determined assault on the Australian goal. If they maintain this performance all the way through there is a good chance they will take the cup. By contrast, the England team has a no chance at all unless they stop behaving like a bunch of individual 'stars' and play like a team with a purpose. To win.

Otherwise they should stop embarassing themselves and us.

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