Friday, 25 June 2010

Waitting anxiously

I'm waiting anxiously for a response from two publishers currently considering my books. Both are mainstream, both are, I hope, seriously considering them, though one is looking at the "Harry Heron" series and the other is looking at my life of St Patrick.

These things take time, which, for someone as impatient as I am, isn't good.

I feel a bit like Hancock as he waited for the news to arrive on a boring afternoon...

Of the two, I'm most anxious to have the St Patrick Book accepted. This is a specialist publisher and the book is a special one to me. Hopefully my writing and their catalogue will coincide at some point along the way.


  1. Well GF will keep his fingers crossed that 1) they respond soon; and 2) they respond positively.

  2. Thanks GF, the waiting is always the worst bit.

  3. It'll all work out well. You're an excellent writer.

    Fingers are crossed!