Thursday, 3 June 2010

Corpus Christi

I'm not used to this being a holiday, it wasn't in SA and it certainly isn't in the UK, but here in Germany, it is. At least in Hessen it is. I rather like the fact that all these religious feasts are kept here, Ascension, Corpus Christi and all the major feasts are marked along with all the secular ones as well. Even better, by law, the shops don't open, there is no noisey gardening allowed and you can simply relax in the gazebo or the patio and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Our little mountain top village is too small to have a church, so the nearest are in Bleidenstadt or Born, about 4 km either way. So, we have settled our creepers, breakfasted in the gazebo and plan a short run to a nearby mountain top site where we should be able to get some stunning views across Wiesbaden to the Rhine. But that's for later. Right now there is a nice breeze and a lovely dose of sunshine to be had.

Lunch postponed to 17.00....

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