Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Blair Memoirs ...

Predictably I suppose, Tony Blair makes no apologies for the mess he and his cronies have left in Britain. Interestingly though, and perhaps this gives the best insight into a party that is best described as a collation of single interest groups, he describes Gordon Brown's premiership as a disaster and explains that he couldn't sack him as Chancellor without being overthrown himself as leader. Labour struggles to present itself as a 'Party of the People', but a close looks shows a very different picture.

Labour grew out of the 19th Century struggle for a fair deal for the working class. As one person put it, it took the ideals and morality of the Methodists and Salvation Army, stripped out God and developed an ideology based on what was left - envy. The "Party" is still a "Party of Protest" and really doesn't cope well with actually being in power, it is far to busy protesting and chasing '-isms' to declare war on. The problem with all 'single issue' factions is that they live in a world seen through tinted lenses which allows them to see only what they are pursuing. They will not accept any evidence or any argument that shows their cause, if dealt with in their chosen manner, will create a problem somewhere else. Labour is filled with these factions.

It is funded by the Trades Unions, and he who pays the piper, calls the tune. The Unions want control of the industries and commercial enterprises that drive the economy. They already control the civil service - with that orgainsation employing 21% of the UK workforce, the Unite Union, which represents most of them, has unequalled political clout. Union members are seldom told that a portion of their 'Dues' is paid into the Labour Party, and if they know and object, they are generally find themselves under pressure to comply.

But does Labour actually represent the "Working Classes?"

In my view no. As I said at the outset, it is a collation of diverse 'interests' all of them squabbling and all of them vying for control. Looking at the top tier of the Labour Party you soon realise that almost none of them are "working class" - all are Grammar School or Public School educated and most have attended either Oxford or Cambridge or one of the other "blue brick" universities. Almost all of them have been activists in the NUS and most have studied Law. Many have even been vocal supporters of various terrorists and terrorist groups and movements. Some could be accused of terrorism themselves.

The majority of those who are MPs and sit in Parliament have never been "working class" either - except that they have 'worked,' if that is the right term, as Union Organisers and Representatives while climbing the political mountain to attain their seats in Parliament. As a party it waivers from Socialism to Communism, it represents the Trades Unions and the narrow interests of some Single Issue Campaign groups. It is almost invariably disasterous in government and it always manages to bring Britain to the brink of bankruptcy - under Wilson and Callaghan it did bankrupt us - and it always leaves the country in ruins, with the Unions stronger than is healthy and more divided than ever.

Will Blair and his propaganda machine ever acknowledge any of this? Don't hold your breath or waste your money placing a bet.

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