Friday, 3 September 2010

Warming hysteria...

The increasing number of incidents of extreme behaviour by individuals and groups swept up in what can only be called hystrical behaviour should be worrying our politicians. Why? Because they are in part responsible for this.

Since the "Climate Change/Global Warming" argument began the reporting and responses to the science have become ever increasingly alarmist. We have been told that unless we act now, we will be swamped by rises in sea level of anything between 200 feet and 10 feet. We have been told that our coastal or sea level cities will be uninhabitable - usually within ridiculously short timescales - if we don't stop producing CO2 immediately. We are told that most of the planets species of flora and fauna will die, unless we stop living our modern lifestyles and fill every available space with wind turbines. We are told w must give up our cars and our freedom, or face extinction by 2050 or some other randomly selected date.

But do the scientists really say any of this? A few might - but they are trying to stir up the civil servants and politicians who control the research funds. The vast majority say nothing like this. Yes, they agree that the climate is changing and they all agree that it has been changing since the last Ice Age and will continue to change. But is it time to start building arks, or retreating to the mountain tops? No, for one thing the rises in temperature are not likely to see the entire Arctic and Antarctic ice caps vanish. Even to melt all the ice in Greenland will take almost 15,000 years at present rates of melting.

Nor are we likely to see the other nightmare scenario the media like to push, that at some point the CO2 levels in the atmosphere start to compond themselves and we end up like Venus, with an atmosphere that rains Sulphuric Acid and is loaded with Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide. Why? One reason is simply the distance we are from the sun - Venus, being closer, is also outside the 'Temperate Zone' - the orbital zone roughly 3 - 5 million miles in width, within which the earth orbits. Closer than this to the sun and you wind up like Venus, further and you wind up like Mars, probably a frozen ball at first, then, as the core solidifies, losing the water, then the atmosphere until its just a lifeless lump of rock.

Hollywood must also take some of the blame for events like the nutter who tried to hold the Discovery Channel to ransom, demanding that it promote Global Catastrophe messages and his "The End is Nigh" manifesto. Since the 1960s there have been a string of Hollywood disaster movies. Each postulating the end of the world as we know it in a variety of ecologically triggered disasters. If it isn't a nuclear holocaust such as that postulated in "Doctor Strangelove" it's a climate change holocaust such as "The Day After Tomorrow" which plays around a sudden and violently extreme change in the atmosphere - triggered of course by human industrial western activity - that sees New York first flooded by a vast "storm surge" and then frozen solid in a new Ice Age. All happening in the space of a few hours...

At long last some scientists are starting to question the wisdom of the media alarmist approach to reporting the science. It's about time frankly. This post by Thomas Fuller, a scientist, calls for an end to the Hysterical Reporting of the science. There are now reports of people committing suicide over fears that the world will be unfit for human habitation within a generation, several are reported in South America and the Discovery Channel hijacker is another. Add to that the uniformed hysteria of the foot soldiers of Greenstrife, Fiends of the Earth, Earth First and all their many related eco-terrorist organisations and you have a recipe for one or more of these idiots actually triggering a major ecologcal catastrophe by taking 'direct action' with truly serious consequences.

It is time to stop the hysteria and start taking a responsible and informed approach - something the modern media seem incapable of, but which our politicians and civil servants don't seem to want either.

I wonder why?

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