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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Seeking a publisher ...

Is a high stress operation. I am now listed on at least three lists which keep me alert to publishers looking for work in the genre I enjoy. You polish your work on the advice of professional critiques and submit it again, and again, and again ... Sometimes you get the courtesy of a response (SASE enclosed with the submission) and sometimes you don't.

The publisher I tried for my book based on St Patrick has now replied, saying it does not fit with their planned catalogue. Interestingly, they are a company that specialises in religiously based books, one wing is a major publisher of Bible commentaries and teaching aids for faith. The division I submitted Ego Sum to publishes fiction - but seems to have moved away from Christian and faith based fiction and into fantasy and non-faith stories. I guess that's the market in a world in which confessing to being a believer in anything other than the latest PC of Humanist/Atheist fad is to be labelled superstitious or a moron.

The major publishers are now so monopoloised that it is almost impossible to find one that isn't a subsidiary of someone else. A trawl through the pages of Writers and Artists Yearbook reveals that these companies are almost all now part of one of around five major "groups" and though they obviously focus on specific areas of the market they seem to collaborate in not competing with one another.

I recently met someone who is a "editor" in a major publishing house and learned to my surprise that she is in fact a "ghost writer" who takes the ideas of some quite well known 'authors' and turns them into readable books...

Oh well, when you also know that a "Booker Prize Runner Up" in 2007 sold a TOTAL of 140 copies world-wide, you begin to wonder what is really behind the choice of books to be published.

It won't stop me trying though and Ego Sum is now on its way to several more possible publishers. The Enemy is Within is about to be republished by Xlibris and one of the options there will be to buy it as an "e-book" and Their Lordships Request, my latest Harry Heron story will soon be available from AuthorHouse and Amazon.

Watch this space for more details ...

And now, back to writing about fire investigation. At least this one has a publisher and will be in print probably next year - assuming I can get it finished by the deadline!

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