Friday, 24 September 2010

So Climate Science confirms a Bible "story"...

What do you do with a super computer when you run out of data to play with on modelling future climate?

It seems that you start looking at some phenomena which science once said was impossible or improbable - and find out that maybe it can happen. The Climate Science boffins at Boulder Colorado have been playing with fluid dynamics models, and possibly to the embarrassment of the "The Bible is Fairystory" lobby, have discovered that natural conditions do exist which would 'part the waters' in exactly the manner described in the Book of Exodus. Of course, there will be those who will insist that this 'couldn't happen in an ocean' like the Red Sea, but then they miss the fact that the "Red Sea" in the King James Version is a mistranslation and a reference to the "Reed Sea" - a lagoon near the Eastern side of the Nile Delta.

For me this confirms a view I have long held, simply that science and archeology are more and more frequently confirming events in the Bible once thought to be 'myth' or 'fantasy' by many skeptics as factual. Of course, you need to be cautious and open to the fact that our translations of the original documents have distorted meanings and even changed place names. For example, there is strong evidence to suggest that the mountain we have called Sinai since the time of the Romans is not the 'Sinai' that Moses knew and walked on.

For many years Bible skeptics have pointed to the lack of direct references to Biblical events on Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian and other monuments and records, but they are overlooking an important factor. One they are themselves using even now. Propaganda. As a major power conquers a nation or a people, you eradicate their history, or rewrite it so that they appear as 'uncivilised' or 'corrupt and crooked' and so justify your conquest. If the beat you in a battle you certainly don;t record that and if you are an Egyptian king dependent on people believing you're 'invincible' you certainly don't record your reverses. In fact, the Egyptian kings frequently had their predecessors or rivals monuments destroyed or defaced in an effort to obliterate their record. It is still done today - but in a more vicous form - you keep him alive, but smear and blacken his record and name with twisted representations and out of context 'quotes' - and, of course, you ensure that they only get the most negative access to the media and never, ever, allow the truth to emerge.

For the past hundred or so years there has been a subtle campaign to cast doubt on the Bible and its contents. This is a two pronged attack, first it is an attack on the Jewish and Christian faiths, an effort to undermine them and to reduce the influence on moral conduct they impose. Second, it has become a way of talking down the right of Israel and the Jewish people to their country and their existence. By calling into question the Old Testament as a record of the Jewish People and Faith it allows the Arab nations to promote as 'truth' the Quran's version of the story from Genesis to Christ.

I welcome each small revelation that some event, some 'miracle' described in the Bible is not only possible but accurately described is one more counter to this assault on Faith. I'm sure that is not what the researchers set out to do, but they have just succeeded in blowing another hole in the "There is probably no God" argument.

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