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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Unsustainable 'Green' Energy...

One of the best informed and written articles I have read recently on the reality of the drive among western government's to 'go green' in the face of the cost and the destruction to both the ecologies of our countries and our economies is argued here in an informed and very graphic manner. The truth is that wind turbines have a massive impact on the ecology and they are certainly not 'carbon nuetral.' Nor are the famous 'solar panels' and the accumulators that we need to go with them.

None of these technologies are sustainable without massive subsidies, money that could be far better spent in finding ways conserve energy and clean up our existing technology. One popular 'green' myth that is constantly trotted out is that "97% of the energy in a coal power station is lost up the chimney." Total garbage. While that may well have been true in the 1960s it is no longer the case. Heat exchangers in the flues preheat, or reheat, the boiler water. The 'waste gases' are scrubbed removing the Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide and particle filters remove the soot. Carbon recovered is processed into other products and so is the sulphur, even the Carbon Monoxide is fed back to the firebox and burned - most people don't know that CO is combustible within its flammable range (Roughly 12.5% to 74% by volume in air.). This is the reason the BBC, Greenpeace and other climate hysterics always show the steam billowing above the cooling towers of these power stations when they want to push their "polluting power station" lies.

Watts Up With That put all this into perspective in this post published yesterday entitled Unsustainable Cow Manure. It is worth every second spent reading it. It is factual, informative and above all true. Not a Greenpeace/IPCC/CRU/Fiends of the Earth lie survives.

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