Thursday, 2 September 2010

Images of Limburg

Some time ago I promised some pictures of Limburg, so here they are. The ancient Dom Church stands atop the granite hill which dominates the city and overlooks the River Lahn. With its seven towers it is an imposing presence from any angle. Internally it is quite small, the narrow nave is flanked by aisles of almost equal width and the Transepts are roughly square in shape. Each Transept has a semi-circular apse chapel and the Quire is quite short. In height it is impressive, being built around 1080 and it has a lierne vault.

The medieval wall paintings were restored in the 19th Century when much of the "Baroque" whitewash was removed and the outer walls were replastered and repainted in the 1980s when it was realised that the removal of the original plaster protecting the outer walls and the stone work, done in the 19th Century restoration for 'Romantic' reasons, was a very bad idea.

The old town itself still boasts the medieval decorated timber framed buildings typical of this area.

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