Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A civil service

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. I had to go to the local Driver's Licence Authority to see about getting my UK Drivers Licence converted to a German one. Now I guess I'm used to the helpfully polite but utterly unhelpful UK Civil Service. The pleasant young lady took my UK Passport, my registration as a resident of Hessen and my UK Drivers Licence, called up the information on her computer, completed the form for me and showed me where to sign it.

The she took the photo I had brought with me, got me to sign another form, told me to go and pay the fee and bring the receipt back. When I did it was to be handed my originals back, and to be told that she had ordered the new licence and all I would need to do is bring in my UK Papers when they contacted me to say the German Licence was available,

I had to go home and have a strong beer. I'm just not used to Civil Servants actually being efficient and helpful!


  1. Is there no way we can persuade Germany to propose an EU-wide overhaul of civil service procedures, where everyone has to adopt their procedures?

  2. I wish. Unfortunately, I learn from my friends here that this is unusual even here.