Sunday, 19 December 2010

Book News

My latest book, Their Lordships Request ..., has finally made it into print. Some of you may already have spotted it in the side bar! At present it is linked to the Author House, UK, bookstore, but can be found on their US Bookstore as well. It will be on Amazon in a few more weeks, it takes a while for Amazon to catch up. Those of you who enjoyed my first, will, I now, enjoy this one - it even has a Glossary to help with all those nautical terms ...

It will soon be available through Amazon but is already obtainable direct from the Publisher. I am rather pleased with this one, a prequel to Out of Time which introduces Harry, Ferghal and Danny Gunn. It is, essentially, a 'rite of passage' for them, following their adventures and development as they voyage on the "74 gun" HMS Spartan, to Australia and India. Like Out of Time, it is two stories in parallel with the introduction of the ship they find themselves joining involuntarily in Out of Time, and Harry's "descendent," her Captain.

This brings to three the number of books I have published in this series. The Enemy is Within! (See the sidebar for the link to where it and Out of Time can be purchased) and I hope that they bring some fun and pleasure to my readers. A fourth, with the working title at present of On The Run, will, I hope, be published in the New Year.

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