Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Interesting Visitor

Ever get that feeling you're being watched? I had it earlier today and when I looked up I found I needed tolook down. My easy chair is next to a large window onto our patio which I had earlier cleared of snow. This still leaves a wall of snow around 500mm (50cm or 18 inches!) in height. Sitting calmly on the patio, between the snow wall and the window was a Pine Marten.

Bold as brass, the little fellow was watching me watching him and not even phased by Madam Paddy Cat who, also aware of him, was staring back - a totally different response to her confrontation last night with a large black and white moggy who'd had the temerity to walk through 'her' garden!

Of course, as soon as I moved to get the camera, the Marten departed. Still, the camera is now ready for when he returns as I'm sure he will. We seem to have provided a neat little highway for Martens, cats, rabbits and sundry other wildlife across our garden and giving access to next door's wood store and dense shrubs that have become home to quite a menagery.

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