Sunday, 12 December 2010

A thought on the "Student" protests...

Many of those causing the violence during the London "Protests" over Student Fees are, in my view, not students. They look like the usual "Socialist Workers Party" rent-a-mob. It is going to be tough for those having to pay and I agree that it is unacceptable that a Scottish student pays nothing, while an English student, whose parents taxes are paying for the Scottish student, pays. This is yet another of Liebore Party's disasterous outcomes arising from Blair's tampering with the Constitution. But the truth is that far too many of the "degrees" offered since Blair and Co decided that universities were too "ellitist" and had to make space for a disproportionate number of school leavers - most of whom struggle to cope with the university style of learning - are of no value at all in the market place for jobs. The "balance" in the UK is still far to heavily slewed in favour of "Arts" and not enough on Technical or Science based degrees.

But here is my thought for the current government and for the "Loyal" Opposition...

An assault on the person of the Sovereign or the Heir to the Throne is an act of Treason. It says so in the law, not that anyone in the Liebore Party would recognise it of they fell over it. And here is the next thought. Treason is still one of only two criminal acts in the UK for which the Death Penalty is allowed. Perhaps a Treason Trial will give some of the layabouts, Socialist 'Workers' Party activists (Socialist Worker has to be the greates oxymoron ever!) and many of the Liebore Party members who take the Oath of Allegiance with their fingers crossed (As Lord Prescott of Pucka Pies did) and every intention of committing treason as the opportunity arises, pause for thought.

Hanging a few of them on Tower Hill will send a much needed message I think.

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